Current work



My practice explores urban environments through the use of painting, photography and drawing. I concentrate on the aesthetic qualities of these spaces to emphasise and manipulate particular elements to portray intriguing scenes of everyday, mundane places. Using photographs as my observational source to paint or draw from, I also work on top of the photographs to create and develop new spaces. By photographing the space, the images embrace strong structural lines that come towards the camera, therefore the viewer. This achieves my desired outcome of the viewer feeling as though they are being pulled into the space. In addition, all the photos I had taken and used were shot at night. I wanted to capture the vastness of these areas when there is an absence of activity, the structure of the buildings and the low lighting found in these settings at night. This increases the intensity of the contrast in colours and the areas of light and dark heighten the structure within the space. At night the spaces are desolate, quiet and empty - creating ambiguous, intriguing, sometimes unnerving atmospheres.



Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK.

Location: Birmingham, UK.

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